Give you a warm welcome with open way of gorgeous view with full of energetic ambiance like no one have. Beautiful places in Faisalabad are very famous for its cultural activities festivals and so many traditional things for tourism. It is the third biggest city of Pakistan, it is previously known as Lyallpur.


Faisalabad is very famous for travel by road and train. Those people who loved to travel by train they are welcome with gorgeous views. If you want to go by your own you have a great chance to see the wavy and curves ways on the way of Faisalabad.

Faisalabad is best for picnic, Gatwala Forest Park is a big compound of forest areas, lakes and parks are open for the visitors. This park is located on the Shiekhupura Road. Green parks, flowing canals, boating on the lake and few rides make Gatwala Park perfect. They have a collection of birds, peacocks, monkey, neel cow and other wild are there, A safe crocodile view also catch the attention of the viewers. You can go there with your friends, family and children.

Faisalabad is one of the major cities of Pakistan. It was called Layalpur in past and it is also called Manchester of Pakistan. This city has its own historical recognition. You can see in this article best picnic points / places in Faisalabad. This article may help the local as well as the visitors from the other cities of Pakistan to know well about picnic points in Faisalabad.

Enjoy your summer in a unique place in Aqua land Water Park. It is situated on beautiful canal road have a chance to drive above the canals. This park is a very renown for swimming pools with fool proof security, cleaned water in the pools, swimming guards and guider available for your care. They provide a small shops for tea, snakes, and other food items and musical hall this park is just for males you can come here with your friends and colleagues etc


A huge green garden for relaxation of people’s mind, Jinnah garden is the central park of Faisalabad. It is also known as company bagh. This park is good for outing come here with your family. It provides you jogging track and few rides for children. A large green area which have flowers, different and beautiful plants, trees are dancing with the wind, takes your mind to the fantasy world. It is located on Club road in Faisalabad.

Lyallpur Museum is the most historical places of Faisalabad. It is placed Zila Council Chowk University Road. Its  famous for creativity art and culture, Lyallpur history, Muslim to Sikh Period history, Orientation Gallery, Pakistan Movements, Regional Archaeological, Sandal Bar, Textile Development etc. It is a wonderful place to visitors.


Sindbad enjoyment Park is an admired enjoyment park and is situated near Iqbal Stadium. This fun land is secured for visiting families with entertainment. If you lost to visit this park you see nothing in Faisalabad. Up down lifting rides shake you like a soda in the bottle. Fun land also have a horror touch with named bhoot ghar(Ghost House).Many families come here specially to spend their vacations.

Sweet rusks along with hot yummy tea make a delicious company in Madan Pura. Tea is cooking all time that is why it becomes more delicious then a regular tea. Different Thele wala made delicious dahi bhale at Jinnah Coloney. The famous Gol Gppa a ball shape and they are filled with black grams, onions; potatoes with sour water give unexplainable taste. Biryani and Pulao are popular dishes of Jehangir’s murgh pulao.  Dal Chawal , samosa with chatni, , Parathay wih Bar B Q  you just love it. Above foods is the identity of Faisalabad.

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