Murree is basically a beautiful hill station which is state on the boundary of Pakistan. This border is expanded from Punjab and goes all the way to Azad Kashmir. It is one of the most visiting hill stations of Pakistan. For those who live downhill to it, Murree is like a fantasy city. Mountains covered with flourish green trees, cold atmosphere, fresh air, beautiful valleys and most importantly clouds on the roads hugging you with full of happiness. A chance to walk into the fog and a gorgeous view welcome you with open arms. Nature is spread anywhere around you. You will feel like you are in the heaven. Snow fall is the very popular in it, because people love to come here to play with snow.

Winter normally brings heavy snowfall. Its surrounding areas are covered with thick layer of snow; mostly the temperature is freezing point. In autumn the clearest sky in the region, when one can enjoy full view of mountains around without cloud, in autumn normally temperature is mild. Summer season everything and anything can happen in Murree. This is the best season in the areas and it receives most number of visitors, it is like heaven in summer. Enjoy rain in the area receives heavy rain and hail storms. The fruit trees laden with flowers give a spectacular view.

There are following places to visit:

  1. Pathriata (New Muree): It is a hill station with large trees and gorgeous hills. There are cable cars from which you can travel to Patiata, when you will travel in chair lifts you can cite the Kashmir.
  1. Kashmir point: It is one the most beautiful place of Muree from where you can get a eyeshot of the stunning mountains of Kashmir. There are markets with various food and shopping items.
  1. Pindi point is only at a distance of 15 minutes from Mall Road. It has wonderful   Mountains covered with green trees which look gorgeous.  A view of are larger forests can be seen from here.
  1. Ayubia is a mixed four hill station. The region is spread over four hills which are Khanspur, Gali Changla, Khairagali and Ghor Daka.
  1. Nathiagali: It is a beautiful town located in Murree. It is in the Abbottabad neighborhood. It is best region where most of the tourists visit in every summer as it also consists of oak trees, pine, walnuts and maple

Murree is a great place for tourism in summer. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit Murree at least once in their life, to see the real beauty of Pakistan. Murree is a real blessing from God   to the people of Pakistan. It has beautiful sceneries and attractive greenery atmosphere. It is an ideal place for tourists to visit. There are many Restaurants and Hotels which suit your pocket. It provides you the best opportunity to have great fun and give your life a kick start with a new enthusiasm.

The Mall Road of Murree consists of thousands serving International cuisines and continental meals. The famous Kata Kat is easily available in every hotel in Murree. A mixture of English, Pakistani and Italian etc delicious food   in Fuchsia Restaurant, KFC in Millinium Mall, Amazing Bar B Q and grilled dishes in Angeethi, Peshawar Namak Mandi restaurant serve you famous continental food in its terrace, Red Onion is one of the oldest chain of Restaurant. All parochial dishes from chicken Karhai to mutton dishes while breakfast it is known for the Halwa Puri in Murree Tabbaq Hotel and Restaurant

The main magic of Murree is in its natural scenery and refreshing ambiance. It is a classic place for friends and families for best vacation.

Murree welcome every age and mood of people, who prefer calm and relax environment. Enjoy your tea with your loved ones in terrace, and have fun with children also. Expensive and cheap both items are available here, which help you to buy things according to your choice. Cold care dresses are also sale in vast collection.

Patriata, Ayubia, Nathia Gali, Bhurban, Khanspur it offers many pops for picnics, mountain hiking and trekking. The best of these treks is from Dunga Gali to Murree on the water pipeline. The Golf Course at Bhurban is unique because of its altitude and tough layout. The area around Patriata has been developed and provides excellent hiking and trekking paths. It also has a scenic two stage cable car that would take the tourists up to the top. Those not interested in waiting in the queue for the ride can drive up to the Patriata top.

The main attractions of Murree are its natural scenery and refreshing atmosphere. It is an ideal place for family and friends get away for best vacation. With its many awesome place

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