Churna Island is a hidden paradise situated in the Asian Sea. Churna Island is best known and well-liked for Snorkeling and Scuba diving trips. Since the sea is calm with the nonappearance of high tides, so the best time to snorkel. People visit that place more in the months of November till April. It is a natural observable fact that the water seems & feels much warmer during the winter as compared to the summer.

churna island


You are going to take a deep dive under the seashore at the name Churna Island. The most famous island in Pakistan, A clear sky, golden sand, gorgeous blue water waves warmly welcome you. People loved to go there to make their time memorable, you can visit according to your leisure time like weekend, events, occasions & holidays.

You can go there with tension free mind and worries. Churna Island is safe for everyone. It is an adventure place e.g. underwater diving, fishing, boat ride, Jet Ski ride, cliff jumping, diving snorkeling and much more which you will love surely.beautiful-places-of-Pakistan

Churna is safe for non-swimmers, many guide are available to take care of the visitors. No need to be anxious about water diving let be free from all the boundaries. Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a bent tube called a snorkel, and usually fins. In cooler water, a wet suit may also be worn. Cliff diving takes place from a cliff at Churna Island; you jump into clear blue water from 30-50 feet height, to see the creation of nature. You will be exploring the caves at Churna Island, they are hidden from exposed eye but our experienced crew will take you deep into the heart of the mountain. While you enjoy activities at Churna Island, It will be continually taking underwater selfies until the moments are captured in the most amazing way, so you can enjoy your memories for years to come.


There are many trip bookers available to help you to make your dream come true. They have their websites you can book your trip as per your convenience in reasonable prices. For this fix package they will offer you lots of entertainment and hassle free tour.

Packages and prices may change according to seasons. No minimum or maximum group limit and Individual also most welcome here. Book your trip any day or any holidays, till sun rise to sunset. You can book via call and online as well, no advance payment required just come book your trip without any confusion.

They provide you a perfect meal like Biryani and all type of refreshments according to weather. Mineral water is available for visitors. Air condition busses will take you to Mubarak village and then local boat will take you to one of the most beautiful place of Pakistan.


They also provide you snorkeling kit Includes diving mask, Snorkel, life jacket, wet suits for cold weather, boat ride to Churna Island & back to the beach. They help you to get your underwater photography, to record your great memories.

For Non-Swimmers they have Male & Female Instructors and life guards, to help them to enjoy their trip and to make remarkable memories. Guided snorkeling tour ropes tied from boat to island on water surface. Precipice diving (Cliff Jumping) with multi-shots photography, protection instructors and team.

It is a great chance to make your vacations memorable. A perfect place to adventure and a calm sunset could say Bubye to you which will you never forget ever. You feel like your dream came true.

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