What is Adventure Travel?

You cannot easily get ready for adventure trips, this is not just a trip it is good for your mental, physical health but also provides a chance of interaction with new culture. Many people avoid adventure trips because there were very scared about new  places and countries, it is a wonderful time to refresh your own personality give you a warm welcome when you get back to work after vacations. You always remember in the best memories ever like a dream which you lived in.

Adventure is a very joyful part of any tour; mostly people love to visit areas. Adventure have its own worth and specialty for those who are crazy about it. Nature has created a vast range of beautiful places to visit and feel the creativity of nature. It includes food adventure, scuba diving, horse riding, mountain and rock climbing, exploring underwater world visiting the different countries etc.

Adventure of Thailand

“The land of smiles”- is a perfect holiday resort for adventure lovers to experience a different culture of Thailand. A land where one can enjoy and relax him i.e. far from work load and tensions. Soothing and peaceful environment leaves soothing effect on mind and soul.

Beautiful white sand beaches complete with shaking palm trees and crystal Clear water which is a warm welcome to you.

Adventure of India by road

Mercury Himalaya Explorations you and troop will gain adventures access to crowd free luxury lodging and villages far from the tourist troops. You’ll experience the roads of dirt of the Himalaya foothills and over the sand dunes of Rajisthan. A mechanic will provide you for tackle any repairing issues. Rajisthan is the “Kings Land” in Indian deserts.

That is a great adventure of desert, driving pajaro in dune of dirt difficult and uncertain roads to have fun and also visit the king’s historical places.

Chile the Adventure

Chile is the longest country in the world, and 80 percent of it is covered by mountains if you want to see the beautiful glaciers you should definitely explore the peaks and glaciers of Chile. It’s a complete package for entertainment.

Each year to take advantage of the fantastic adventure opportunities are offered up by the dramatic and natural landscape.

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